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Customer Service Tips

  • Look your customers directly in their eyes when talking with them.  To be sure you are looking, note their eye color.
  • Before a customer is finished with their transaction, ask yourself "so what is one more thing could I do to assist the customer?"
  • Know what your competitors are doing -- visit their website, visit their location, call them -- know your competitor!
  • Offer your customer the appropriate item -- a tissue, a pen, a bottle of water, a coupon, a trinket -- whatever is appropriate.
  • Learn one thing about your customer and remember it the next time you see them.
  • Incorporate social media into your advertising -- it is FREE!

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Attitude Tips

The Top 10 Things You Can Do TODAY To Improve Yourself!

What’s the secret to success?

We seem to seek the answer to this question in our daily lives. Most of the time the answer remains to be elusive. We turn to books, blogs, and perhaps our own parents and mentors to help us discover the secret to success.

When it comes to the secret to success, many of the accomplished athletes, musicians, artists, writers, public speakers, and other accomplished individuals know one sole fact - there is ALWAYS room for self-improvement.

Here are ten things that you can do today to begin improving yourself, one step at a time!

  • Wake Up Early – Night owls may not like this suggestion very much, but several experts have acknowledged that waking up early (that is, 5 or 6 a.m.) improves your productivity and your quality of life. This is very true as you physically have more hours in your day to accomplish all that you want. In another sense, waking up early helps ready your mindset to be productive each and every day.
  • Make Your Room Inspirational – Everyone needs a place to go to seek inspiration. But what if you didn’t HAVE to go far to get the inspiration you need? Well, the good news is that you don’t! If your room or space is dull, messy, or leaves something to be desired, then don’t be afraid to change it up! Make your space into something awesome, inspirational, and something meaningful to you!
  • Learn Something New – Teachers do it right – they’re life-long learners. Why not follow suit and take up something new? Is there a course you’ve always wanted to take but were too afraid to do so? Do you want to learn how to play a new sport? How about cooking a new dish or doing something new on the computer? Learning something new requires you to stretch yourself in many ways and promotes growth.
  • Start Journaling – If you want to gain a better sense of self-awareness, start journaling. Write about anything you like. Afterwards, read through it, and try to put yourself in an outsider’s position. You will see yourself in a different light. Additionally, journaling is quite therapeutic! Keep your journal in a private notebook, on an online blog, or anything in between!
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Real growth occurs when we work hard and get out of our comfort zones. Being too comfortable does no good for us – in fact, it makes us stagnate. If you feel like you’ve been in your comfort zone too much, try getting out and trying new things. Mix up your routine now and again. You’ll find that you grow as you learn new concepts and ideas along the way.
  • Learn From Those Who Inspire You – Think about all those who inspire you. What do you like about them? Which qualities do you admire the most about them? Learn from them and figure out how you, too, can acquire those qualities.
  • Face Your Fears - Everyone’s afraid of something. But whether we fear speaking in front of others, heights, spiders, or even the unknown, we must all face our fears because these fears prevent us from growing to our full potential. So get out there and give a speech. Go ahead and plant the flowers you want in your yard, even if there are a ton of creepy bugs out there. Addressing and conquering these fears helps you grow.
  • Let Go of the Past – Is there something from the past that you’re still holding onto? Perhaps an old grievance? If this is so, you need to let go and move one with your life. Holding onto the past impedes your progress of moving forward and becoming who you need to become. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and move on.
  • Befriend The Top Professionals in Their Fields – Find those who are in the position that you dream of being in. Find out how they got there. What attitudes did they have? What skill sets do they have in their arsenal? These insights can help you improve, and you can someday achieve those same results for yourself.
  • Be Kind To Those Around You – Perhaps one of the most overlooked practical things we can do to improve ourselves is being kind to those around us. Kindness helps create the qualities we wish to see inside ourselves – compassion, empathy, patience, and love. Start being more kind to those around you, and you will find that not only will they respond differently, but you will, too, and you’ll feel even better about yourself.

If you seek growth and success in your life, I challenge you to implement the above suggestions in your life. You’ll see that day by day you’ll begin reaching the goals that you set for yourself and will live a happier, more fulfilling life.



Learn the basics of customer service including making first (and lasting) impressions, developing positive attitudes, understanding the customer ... and beyond. Stand out from other businesses by providing training to your staff to help the staff display positive body language and to learn to listen to what the customer really wants.

A compilation of the secret shopping (sometimes referred to as mystery shopping) findings will be incorporated into a very interactive staff training. The training will include role play examples, exercises, humorous stories, real life examples and much more. Staff will not only walk away with a personal improvement process but a good feeling about service and the company that they work for.

This training is completely customized and a great opportunity for the management team to have the trainer incorporate any problem areas that are recognized across the board.

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