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Dawn Mushill started speaking in front of people in 1994, when she was student teaching. She loved seeing the light bulbs go off in the crowd as she spoke, so she started providing customer service training. She was inspired to become a public speaker because she felt she could assist companies in setting up expectations and providing solid training on whatever level of customer service the company would like to achieve. Dawn engages the attendees from a fresh perspective on learning and a fun environment.

An incredibly flexible and animated speaker, Dawn has spoken to audiences on the radio, television, international radio, to non-profits, for profits, schools, large companies, and small companies. Her most requested topics include “Change Your Attitude, Change Your Underwear”, “Be An Owner of Your Job, Not a Renter”, “What Is Your WOW”, “Living the life you love” and a few more!  She hopes to speak all over the United States to inspire people to do their best.  

Dawn has also written and published a book, “Customer Service and Beyond… It is all about the WOW!” and is currently working on two more books. She holds an Associate of Science Degree, a Bachelor of Science Degree and a dual Master’s Degree in Management and Human Resource Development.  She truly has a passion for what she does each and every single day and encourages people to find their passion – their entire lives will change!


"Customer Service and Beyond ... it is all about the WOW!"
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SWIC mentor
SWIC speaker
Member of the Employer Advisory Committee

Customer Service and Beyond

Photo of Dawn Mushill provided by MD Kauffman Photography

Customer Service And Beyond opened in 2001. The company was developed to assist companies with customer service training ... and beyond. Allow us to assist your staff because remember, it is all about the WOW!  When every single customer exits your business, they should say "WOW, now that was great service".

Dawn offers a fun environment for learning. Her training events and keynote speaking events are engaging and keep the audience interested. Each training is developed exclusively for the customer.
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Photo Provided by MD Kauffman Photography


Member of the MSU Advisory Board

Dawn Mushill is a MSU Advisory Board Member
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Member of the SWIC Employer Advisory Committee
Member of the National Speakers Association

Dawn Mushill is a member of the National Speaker Association


Distinguished Alumni Award (SWIC)
Generations of Success Award (SWIC)
2 Keys to the City (City of Troy)
Career Mentor of the Year Award (SWIC)

Dawn Mushill Recieves the Generation of Success Award from SWIC
Dawn Mushill Recieves the Distinguished Alumnus Award from SWIC
Dawn Mushill Recieves a Second Key to the City of Troy, Illinois

Dawn Mushill receives (left to right) Generations of Success Award, Distinquished Alumnus Award, and a Second Key to the City.

Distinguished Honors:

2018 – Presented second “Key to the City” (Troy, Illinois) View Press Release

2011 – Guest call-in radio host for LBC 97.3FM in London, England
2011 – Keynote speaker for Madison County Network of Healthcare Professionals

2010 – Keynote speaker for Millstadt Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner
2010 – Keynote speaker for George Burnett Madison County Credit Unions Annual Dinner
2010 – Speaker at CARSTAR Dinner
2010 – Keynote speaker Lewis and Clark Community College Administrative Professionals’ Conference
2010 – Appeared on WBGZ radio (multiple events)

2009 – Keynote speaker for the Illinois Bed and Breakfast Conference
2009 – Speaker at the “Working Women’s Survival Show” at the St. Charles Convention Center
2009 – Appeared on “KSDK Noon News” live on KSDK Channel 5
2009 – Appeared on BlogTalkRadio
2009 – Appeared on “Great Day St. Louis” live on KMOV Channel 4

2008 – Appeared on “Passion with a Purpose” on BlogTalkRadio
2008 – Published “Customer Service and Beyond … it is all about the WOW”
2008 - Presented the “2008 Distinguished Alumna Award” from Southwestern Illinois College
2008 - Presented the “2008 Generations of Success Award” from Southwestern Illinois College
2008 – Speaker at the “Working Women’s Survival Show” at the St. Charles Convention Center
2008 – Keynote speaker for the Illinois Federation of Teachers State Convention
2008 – Keynote speaker for the Jerseyville National Honor Society Dinner
2008 – Keynote speaker for the RCGA Women’s Conference

2007 - Keynote speaker for the Illinois Federation of Teachers State Convention

2006 – Keynote speaker for the RCGA Women’s Conference

2005 – Keynote speaker for the Illinois Business and Professional Women’s Conference
2005 – Keynote speaker for the Madison County Employment and Training Annual Dinner
2005 – Presented “Key to the City” (Troy, Illinois)

2004 – Keynote speaker for the Phi Beta Lambda State Conferenc
2004 – Presented “Career Mentor of the Year Award” from Southwestern Illinois College

Things you may not know about Dawn:

  • Her middle and last name sound the same - Michelle and Mushill.
  • Barry Manilow is her favorite artist (and she knows every word to every Barry song).  She even sat on stage with him in Las Vegas.
  • She hopes to one day speak in front of 1,000 people.
  • She has taught adjunct for SWIC for over 17 years.
  • She loves to bowl.
  • In addition to Barry and Lawrence, her iPod hosts great artists such as Toby Keith, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Trisha Yearwood, Carole King, Journey, Wynonna Judd, Jim Croce, Reba McEntire, and of course the Bill Berutti Combo.  If someone stole her iPod, they might bring it back!
  • She has a "25 Things Before I Die" list
  • She has one dog and three cats.
  • She was lead singer and lead tambourine player in a rock band for two years.  
  • She loves to read good business books.
  • Her dream was to be a drummer and in 2018 her mom bought her a set of drums.  She rocks out on the drums, always ending with a very long cymbal roll. 
  • She loves her TRIBE of supportive women.
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Master of Arts Degree (dual degree) -- Webster University

Bachelor of Science -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Associate of Applied Science -- Southwestern Illinois College

Member of National Speakers Association

DDI Certified Trainer

AchieveGlobal Certified Trainer